Only ErgExperts utilizes ErgoBob™ that can perform detailed analysis on over 300 muscles and over 30 joints in the human body. The most important thing is data can be collected in almost any work environment with actual employees performing the actual work not in a lab simulating work.

Static biomechanical analysis has been proven to underestimate forces on the body by 19-200% which can lead to underestimating risk of injury and inactivity related to ergonomics improvements.

Our systematic motion analysis risk tool (SMART) automates the post processing of all the data and provides a summary of over 65 variables per body part (joint structures) that can demonstrate differences that would not show up using traditional static and observation based ergonomics assessment methods. Traditional methods that have been in use for 20 to 30 years by almost 90 % of ergonomists has not lead to a major reduction in work related injuries. In 2019 the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked musculoskeletal injures as the #2 disorder in the world that will lead to a shorting of an employee’s productive years of work.

Whole body motion capture

The SMART analysis provides a more accurate measurement of biomechanical forces compared to utilizing videotape, single or dual axis postural measurement, static biomechanical models or direct observation and checklist methods.

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