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About the Lowell Metabolic Health and Longevity Center:

Photograph of Dr LowellDr. Bruce Lowell is a board certified internist and geriatrician who has been in clinical practice for over twenty years. Dr. Lowell graduated from the Free University of Brussels in 1974. Living in Europe and attending a European medical school shaped his nutritional and lifestyle views that would later be incorporated into professional life.

Dr. Lowell has authored two books. "The Lowell 20% Fat Finder" a nutritional food guide, and "Bodysignals" a practical health guide for the "baby boomer." He has appeared on national television and radio, and has been quoted for his expertise concerning weight loss and health.

His wife, Diane, a registered nurse with years of hospital and out patient care believes in individual patient care and practical nutritional and lifestyle concepts. Together, in 1983, they founded the Lowell Metabolic Program for the treatment of morbid obesity and related risk factors. A group orientated program teaching lifestyle skills and health strategies focused on risk factor reduction and optimum health. Years of experience changed their treatment philosophy away from the group program to an individualized approach to improve results by targeting risk factors, compliance and motivation. The Lowell anti-aging program was borne as advances in diagnostic and treatments related to aging became more promising. Dr. Lowell observed among his "biologic young" elder patients certain common lifestyle behaviors. Dr. Lowell's "NATURAL" acronym is a composite of these lifestyle puzzle pieces with the addition of practical and scientific medical knowledge. Dr. Lowell believes treatments integrating alternative natural neutraceutical treatments, conventional treatments, and implementation of the "NATURAL" lifestyle is key to optimum health and vitality.

Today, THE LOWELL METABOLIC PROGRAM FOR HEALTH AND LONGEVITY is an individualized integrated medical and alternative approach for motivated people to evaluate, treat, and teach life style to help them optimize their health. Our individualized weight management and anti-aging evaluations and treatment plans apply the "NATURAL" life style, integrated with our Metabolic Enhancer nutritional products and conventional medical treatments. Our approach is unique and achievable.

The Lowell Metabolic logo emphasizes our concept.

The "ME" in the word metabolic has a dual significance.

1. "ME" represents the individual and the self-management lifestyle skills and health treatment strategies people need to optimize their health. The anti aging evaluation and weight management treatments will give you these personal tools.
2. "ME" represents Metabolic Enhancer nutritional products. Our products are the highest quality, purity, synergistic, and address specific health concerns.

Our pledge is to provide individualized programs and products supporting the "NATURAL" lifestyle. "NATURAL" is an acronym for health behaviors that we believe optimize one's biological defenses against internal and external aging factors. The anti-aging and weight management plans evaluate, treat, and teach patients to self- manage ("ME") and achieve their health goals by implementing safe treatments and positive behaviors. The METABOLIC ENHANCER ("ME") nutritional products are biologically pure, synergistic, and complementary to conventional medical treatments. The "level" nutritional product guide fosters individualization ("ME") with selective products to ensure safety, economy, and efficacy. We are dedicated in providing patients and customers with caring programs, and quality products.

Bruce Lowell MD
Diane Lowell RN