Ergonomic Product Design

What is true ergonomic design? At the rudimentary level it is simply one that does not induce pain, discomfort or productivity hampering effects. As there are few objective ergonomic benchmarks relative to human performance we compare new products to the competition in the field and in that way one may claim that their product is “MORE” ergonomic! Anyone can simply make the claim that their product is ergonomic but very few actually have any objective data to back it up.

At ErgExperts we work with your product design team to create a competitive matrix on the features, functions and benefits of the proposed product and the competition as well as research background articles on past ergonomic issues relative to the product in development. We have conducted on –site visits with current users of the product to gain further insight then what is available in the literature. Once the design and performance goals are identified the development process can proceed. Typically two or three prototypes are developed and these are reviewed and or objectively tested compared to the competition relative to objective ergonomic criteria, for example, how much finger flexion strength is required to hold the prototypes versus the competitors’ products or how much postural deviation is induced. What we measure is based on the competitive matrix and our design goals. Once a prototypical design is selected a more advanced model is developed for testing. When a working model is ready it is then compared to competitors in a controlled laboratory type setting as well as brought out into the field to gauge users feedback. This round of testing provides the data for reaffirming the products attributes as well as the basis for ergonomic claims that may be made in the media.

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