Alaska Airlines

Performed detailed biomechanical assessment of baggage handling utilizing a motion capture (MOCAP), surface EMG and ground reaction forces utilizing force plates to determine preferred manual material handling postures while working inside the cargo areas of a 737 aircraft. The evaluation of the various other baggage handling conditions, planeside operations and belt conveyors were analyzed with respect to low back and shoulder biomechanical loading utilizing a (MOCAP) system and surface EMG.

United Airlines

Performed a detailed assessment of baggage handling activities in response to an OSHA citation at a hub. The evaluation of the various handling conditions, planeside, in the pit, piers and off-loading conveyors were analyzed with respect to low back biomechanical loading as well as muscle activity analysis of the upper and lower extremities utilizing motion capture (MOCAP) system and surface EMG.


Perform analysis of electrical pole climbing with spurs while performing traditional high wire activities to determine plantar loading using insole force sensors. Perform an analysis of wheelchair ramp handling and storage at various platform locations.

Canada Post Corporation

Investigate the loads on the shoulders relative to a single strap satchel versus a dual strap satchel with a waist belt. Investigate the lower extremity and physiological demands of delivering mail with a cart versus a dual satchel in a return to work environment. Investigate how handling and reading mail affect the ability to recognize slip/trip/fall hazards on route as well as the severity of the type of slip. These studies utilized heart rate monitors, surface EMG, eye tracking, as well as tribology related measurements.


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