Evaluate biomechanical loading of the upper extremities and neck compared to tradition desks while performing office work. Investigated the differences in spinal and lower extremities pressure profiles in a reclined seating environment compared to one with traditional office seating and desk.

Home Depot

Evaluate the unloading and sorting of merchandise by team members relative to a claim brought against them as it pertains to staffing levels as well as shoulder and low back musculoskeletal injuries.

Canada Post Corporation

Investigate the loads on the shoulders relative to a single strap satchel versus a dual strap satchel with a waist belt. Investigate the lower extremity and physiological demands of delivering mail with a cart versus a dual satchel in a return to work environment. Investigate how handling and reading mail affect the ability to recognize slip/trip/fall hazards on route as well as the severity of the type of slip. These studies utilized heart rate monitors, surface EMG, eye tracking, as well as tribology related measurements.

General Dynamics

Conduct evaluation of 18 different pairs of knee pads to determine which ones induce the least amount of pressure to the wearer under controlled testing conditions using flexible surface pressure matting.


Conduct ergonomic assessment of transcription workstations and provide ergonomic recommendations to reduce musculoskeletal stress.

Perform analysis of warehousing and manual material handling as it related to rack design, storage containers and picking equipment. Recommend modification to reduce musculoskeletal stress to the low back and shoulders.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway Co.

Legal/Expert Testimony

Conduct whole body vibration (WBV) measurements related to ride quality and ISO guidelines as well as the EU Directive in various types of locomotives and seat types. Evaluate postural demands of railroad employees as they relate to the likelihood of developing various musculoskeletal disorders.

Workplace Ergonomics

Compare ride quality in certain geographical areas to ISO 2631-1 and ISO 2631-5 as well as EU Directive concerning whole body vibration.


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